Who is the HIPAA Hippo?

Have you seen this silly animal popping up in your healthcare circles or LinkedIn feed?

This here is the HIPAA Hippo, sometimes known as Harry the HIPAA Hippo, the unofficial official mascot of all things HIPAA. He knows that compliance is of the utmost important to protect patients’ privacy and avoid fines by the OCR.

He’s been incorporated into memes in the medical and healthcare fields for awhile now, and many of us are wondering, where did he come from?

Well, we can’t answer that, but hopefully we can shed some light on his connection to HIPAA.

So, why a HIPAA Hippo?

Well, first and foremost, HIPPA and Hippo are very similar words. Memes thrive on alliterations, after all.

However, there is more depth to this character than you may have thought.

Hippos are private animals, often eating in solitude. Similarly, HIPAA is all about privacy! It’s easy to see the connection here.

Hippos have thick skin and are hunted for their ivory. HIPAA is meant to be the “thick skin” of the patient privacy world, protecting patient’s’ information (their ivory!)

Hippos are generally docile, but can become aggressive when angered. HIPAA is a law intended to maintain order, but the OCR who enforces HIPAA is known for fining violators with a firm hand!

Hippos work together in groups of 30 or so to keep each other safe! HIPAA is a set of laws that all work together to ensure that patient data is managed and protected properly.

Finally, hippos are often seen with their head above water, but there is a lot of mass floating beneath the surface. Just the same, HIPAA laws may seem simple to understand and execute but there is oh so much more beneath the surface!

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The HIPAA Hippo doesn’t want you to face the wrath of the OCR. 

Do you need help understanding what is beneath the surface of HIPAA compliance laws? 

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