Audit Readiness

We work with our customers and their CPA auditing partners to provide a preliminary SOC 2 gap assessment to help you ensure you are ready to start your SOC 2 Type I or Type II audits. Our team works internally to assist with reviewing current documentation and security controls and identifying and recommending mitigations for gaps that must be remediated in order to successfully pass a SOC 2 Audit.


Before, during, and after the process of integration are critical times for compliance & IT security teams

The unforeseen exposures that can arise while combining complex IT environments and cyber security practices can significantly increase the likelihood that your organization has, or buys, a data breach.

Issues such as technical debt, unknown unknowns, and varying levels of compliance maturity or complexity can be very challenging to overcome.


But at Gazelle, we love a challenge! We have developed tools, techniques, and strategies to facilitate a process of helping your team organize and manage technical and compliance requirements.

Our team has the skillset that can help turn an overwhelming compliance burden into a workable plan that will ensure your M&A efforts are not undermined by data breaches or compliance investigations.

Gazelle can help navigate this process by:

  • Mapping multiple compliance frameworks (ex: HIPAA, GDPR & SOC2) to various information systems
  • Identifying commonalities and gaps in IT security
  • Gathering data from siloed, cross-functional, or integrated teams
  • Producing clarifying documentation to guide further compliance work
  • Conducting risk assessments efficiently across broad organizations
  • Supporting due diligence, integration, GRC, and legal teams


Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Services

Act as Chief Compliance Officer and lead internal compliance activities, such as:

  • Manage compliance projects and maintenance activities.
  • Conduct annual risk assessments, testing, and audits
  • Support internal and external compliance communications and meetings
  • Monitor regulatory changes and update training
  • Risk-based strategic planning and compliance program development
  • Comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance consulting
  • Perform marketing reviews

Curious about managing compliance for your growing business?

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