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Gazelle Consulting is a HIPAA compliance resource provider based out of Portland, Oregon. We provide cost effective HIPAA compliance support to small and medium-sized healthcare providers and business associates, both locally and nationwide.


Putting You In Focus

At Gazelle, we know that healthcare providers want to focus on caring for patients, rather than securing complex information systems. Our experts provide manageable and easy to implement HIPAA solutions to help healthcare providers focus on doing what they do best.

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Gazelle strives to make the world of data privacy and security a little bit fun and as painless as possible, while delivering consistently high quality services and results. If you have a passion for data privacy and a drive to expand your skill set, you will fit right in!

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Christina Glabas



Christina is the founder and principal consultant of Gazelle Consulting. Her dual role as consultant and business owner engenders a drive within her to help businesses excel while navigating complicated legal frameworks. Christina has been working in health privacy and IT for her entire professional career. She has a passion for her clients’ success and works hard to bring a sense of lightheartedness and ease to a subject that often causes frustration.

Jay Berry

Application Security Engineer


Jay excels at optimizing, automating, and innovating current business processes to meet compliance needs. She enjoys working closely with clients to build and ensure simple, well-documented, and secure practices into their workflows. She has overseen dozens of systems simultaneously to adhere to compliance, application security, legal, and privacy standards. Her degree in computer science and background in software engineering, architecture, and design gives her a unique understanding of how security fits into complex systems.

Kylie Lumm

Deputy Project Manager


Kylie’s history in clinical business management provides the ability to ensure HIPAA implementation is completed thoroughly and efficiently in a way that is practical for company use. She has assisted in the development of policies, procedures, training, and documentation in a variety of environments including hospitals, clinics, and small businesses. Kylie specializes in organizing complex projects, communicating with stakeholders, and quality assurance of deliverables.

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