At Gazelle, we are deeply invested in our clients' success. Here's what they have to say:


“I was seeking a small team, found Gazelle on Google, and after a phone consult seemed like a great fit. I came in wanting to get the bureaucratic stuff done, which we did. We also did a security risk assessment which was very helpful and productive. Gazelle drove the project, easy to work with, knowledgeable, stayed on budget.”

Chemeketa Community College

“Gazelle Consulting helped our Health Sciences department and institution discover how we can be in compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations. We have a Dental Assisting program that added the expanded function of using digital imaging. This addition required us to address HIPAA as we were sending volunteer’s images to the dentist, something we had not done before. Christina was instrumental in leading us down the path of HIPAA as it relates to educational institutions.”

Chiron Health

“Gazelle Consulting helped us develop a clear set of security policies and documentation to share with clients, partners, and investors. Their ability to clarify complex items and flexibility to meet time-sensitive deadlines without throwing the project of schedule made this project easy. Our expectations were met and within a month of project completion we have already seen a return on our investment.”

Central Oregon Community College

“Gazelle Consulting is tremendously knowledgeable in HIPAA compliance. They aided our college in developing an entire HIPAA compliance system including required paperwork, technology storage and compliance, and ongoing risk assessment and evaluation. The process she followed was manageable and ideal for non-experts seeking professional advice. She was always available, thoughtful, and has followed up with our organization since the original engagement to ensure our needs are met.”

Orthodox Union

“Gazelle Consulting helped our organization develop policies and procedures that comply with US and Canadian legal requirements for data privacy. Their team provided invaluable experience in a subject that our organization doesn’t interface with often. Gazelle was responsive, efficient, and effective.”


“The processes implemented were very thorough and the Gazelle team was a pleasure to work with. Our expectations were met with both the quality of the Risk Assessment and the resulting mitigation work. The Gazelle team was very knowledgable and we learned a lot about how HIPAA works. Their team made sure to meet us where we are at, and customize the program to fit our existing governance structure.”

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