Gazelle Consulting

Gazelle Consulting can help you decide what kind of
Software Assessment is right for your system.


Gazelle Consulting’s software assessment service helps healthcare technology providers assess the information security of their product offerings and bring their products into HIPAA compliance. Our infrastructure security experts will work with your product leads and developers to identify vulnerabilities in each layer of your information system and develop solutions to mitigate those risks. When we’re done, your product will be HIPAA ready with all the features your customers need in a HIPAA compliant environment. We work with web apps, mobile apps, software, telecommunications, and much more.

We assess complex applications that manage PHI all year round, leverage our experience to address HIPAA compliance with confidence.


If you develop cloud based software to manage private health information for healthcare providers, a software assessment can help you avoid a heart-breaking data breach. Your clients work hard to serve their patients, and put their trust into your product or service. Whether your software utilizes Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or a custom server environment, we are available to help you understand whether your system has security control gaps that can impact HIPAA compliance.


  • Collaborate with your development team to conduct iterative assessments
  • Amazon AWS Regional Backup Strategies and Contingency Planning
  • Penetration Testing Guidance
  • Develop technical security controls
  • Code remediation recommendations
  • Secure web forms
  • Provide technical recommendations
  • Custom application reviews by an analyst who understands your business
  • Encryption and key management
  • NIST research