Gazelle provides customized compliance solutions that meet the unique needs of your business.

Whether your company needs help responding to an attestation, is looking for a HIPAA gap assessment, or needs a technical vulnerability analysis, we can do it all. Offerings include everything from end-to-end compliance solutions to piece-meal micro-projects.

Is a custom solution right for your business?


Risk Assessments

Annual Risk Assessments are a requirement for all HIPAA compliant organizations and are a fundamental building block for developing a mature data security program. Whether your organization is new to HIPAA or has a long history in healthcare, Gazelle Consulting can help you meet this critical compliance requirement.

Do you know where your company’s biggest threats lie? We can help you find them.

HIPAA Compliance Training

Our expert HIPAA compliance trainers have years of experience developing engaging training programs that are specific to your company’s needs. We incorporate mixed media presentations and real life examples to ensure that employees retain the information that they’re learning and that they’re not bored out of their minds.

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Not sure if your business is compliant?


HIPAA compliance products for businesses that are ready to manage their own program.

DIY Compliance Road Map

For organizations on a budget, we offer a compliance roadmap including templates and tools.

Policies and Procedures

Our expert consultants help you build your policies and procedures in accordance with federal laws.

Audit Documentation

High quality documentation of your compliance program, risk mitigation strategy, and ongoing compliance activities.

Risk Assessment Tools

Tools, techniques, and experts to assist in the performance of your annual HIPAA risk assessment.

HIPAA Employee Training

Role based or out of the box training programs to educate your workforce in security awareness, incident response planning and, policies.

Software Compliance Assessment

Our software security engineers work with your development team to evaluate and document your security controls and identify compliance vulnerabilities.

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