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Gazelle Consulting's custom compliance solutions will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting

Gazelle provides customized compliance solutions that meet the unique needs of a variety of organizations. Whether your company needs help responding to an attestation, is looking for a HIPAA gap assessment, or needs a technical vulnerability analysis, we can do it all. Offerings include everything from end-to-end compliance solutions to piece-meal micro-projects. Is a custom solution right for your business?

Software Assessments

Gazelle Consulting’s software assessment service helps healthcare technology providers assess the information security of their product offerings and bring their products into HIPAA compliance. Our infrastructure security experts will work with your product leads and developers to identify vulnerabilities in each layer of your information system and develop solutions to mitigate those risks. When we’re done, your product will be HIPAA ready with all the features your customers need in a HIPAA compliant environment. We work with web apps, mobile apps, software, telecommunications, and much more. Let us help you level up your technology and expand into the healthcare market.

Technology Recommendations

Gazelle Consulting offers custom technology recommendations for curing gaps in gaps in compliance relating to technology use. We have developed a methodology to examine all parts of your technology system and shine a light on vulnerabilities so they can be prioritized and addressed.
Let us answer your questions about:

  • Practicing telemedicine over Skype
  • Encrypting data stored in G Suite, the cloud or a database
  • Guidelines for posting on social media
  • Sending PHI over fax
  • Account monitoring guidance
  • Data de-identification
  • Employee use of cloud based software services like Slack or Trello

We can answer your HIPAA questions about any technology product or service.

Risk Assessments

Annual Risk Assessments are a requirement for all HIPAA compliant organizations and are a fundamental building block for developing a mature data security program. Whether your organization is new to HIPAA or has a long history in healthcare, Gazelle Consulting can help you meet this critical compliance requirement. We have performed Risk Assessments for complex, multi-facility organizations as well as start-ups and small practices. Do you know where your company’s biggest threats lie? We can help you find them.
Risk Assessment

HIPAA Compliance Training

Our expert HIPAA compliance trainers have years of experience developing engaging training programs that are specific to your company’s needs. We incorporate mixed media presentations and real life examples to ensure that employees retain the information that they’re learning and that they’re not bored out of their minds. Call today to schedule your annual HIPAA training with one of our HIPAA enthusiasts.

DIY HIPAA Compliance Templates

For organizations looking for a low-cost HIPAA solution, Gazelle Consulting offers many HIPAA compliance products for businesses that are ready to manage the regulations on their own. Gazelle’s suite of documentation templates will provide a formidable compliance foundation for every business embarking on a HIPAA compliance project.


  • DIY Compliance Road Map
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Audit Documentation
  • Risk Assessment Tools
  • HIPAA Employee Training