Is Zoom HIPAA Compliant?

As of March 2019, healthcare providers can purchase Zoom’s HIPAA compliant video conferencing service, Zoom for Healthcare. Zoom has built a solid telehealth platform that can integrate with your existing practice workflows while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Check out Zoom’s HIPAA Compliance Datasheet for a review of the important security controls offered by Zoom for Healthcare including:

  • Access controls
  • Audit controls
  • Mechanisms to ensure integrity
  • Secure person or entity authentication
  • Transmission security
  • Encryption


  • Zoom for Healthcare is a HIPAA Compliant telehealth platform

Need Help Zooming-In on Your HIPAA Compliance Program?

If you have any questions about whether Zoom is the right video communications tool to support your healthcare services, send Gazelle Consulting a message at today or call us at 503-389-5666!

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