Data Protection Tips for Travelers

Malware is contagious! Whether you’re headed home for the holidays or taking a trip around the world, don’t forget to mask up your mobile devices while you’re on the move. To help you keep your information secure, we asked privacy expert Christina Glabas to share her top 5 data protection tips for travelers.

Data Protection Tips for Travelers

Keep Your Devices Secure

Don’t leave your device in easily seen places. Store it in your trunk or keep it with you.

Apply a Privacy Filter

Even when you’re actively using your device, there’s still a risk that others can gain access to your information – including your PIN or passwords – by engaging in “visual hacking” (or, in layman’s terms, “looking”). Maintain your privacy with a screen protector that narrows viewing angles.

Empty Your Bags

Clear your travel bags of any unnecessary, confidential work papers or devices. If you need to bring confidential papers or devices with you, bring a locked travel bag and only unlock it when needed. And make sure you keep track of the key!

Use a Personal Hotspot

Don’t use public (unprotected) WiFi – use a private hotspot if possible. You can use your phone’s cellular data to create a private hotspot (on Apple or Android devices), or you can buy an external WiFi hotspot which you can then connect to your devices.

Turn on Screen Timeout

Make sure your phone’s display turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity or less.

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